Man Impersonating Decorated Veteran Caught

Michael Delos Hamilton was a guest speaker at a Vietnam Veterans’ memorial ceremony.  He distributed an autobiography which described him as an incredibly motivated Marine who, during an eight year career went from private first class to colonel.  Also saying that he participated in secret operations in Vietnam, Laos, and Columbia, and claimed to have received many decorations including multiple Navy Crosses, Silver Stars, Purple Hearts.  Because of the incredible-ness of this story, a criminal investigation was initiated.

The investigation led to the additional discovery that Hamilton had also fraudulently collected over $30,000 in undeserved disability payments, and of course, wearing the medals and uniform of a highly decorated Marine colonel without authorization.

Hamilton filed a motion to dismiss the charges of unauthorized wearing of medals and an officer’s uniform, but with a news photo of him in the get-up as proof, the motion was denied.  Hamilton’s trial is this month, April, 2011.


Photo thanks to Levi Escobar under creative common license on Flickr.

4 thoughts on “Man Impersonating Decorated Veteran Caught”

  1. James B. Downs

    It is a shame that the Courts have ruled that there is no violation to impersonate a soldier. Only if you profit from that impersonation, can anything be done.

  2. As a Vietnam Veteran – U S Navy and retired member to the Tn National Guard, this individual, and I refuse to call him a man, deserves to spend about 20 years in a federal prison and repay not only what he has taken from those who deserve it, but repay twice the amount he stole.

  3. Agree this sh*t is bad but what about these people like the R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association who wear a big patch on their back claiming they art Combat Vets when the majority never went outside the wire. Like the state rep there who refused membership to a 100% qualified Vietnam Vet who earned a Combat Badge in the Nam. Then he was instrumental in having Vietnam vets terminated for standing up for their brother Nam Vet. This clown state rep never left the FOB in the Green Zone of Iraq. Who the hell is he to judge an authentic Combat Veteran?

    Claiming your a Combat Vet when your not is IMHO – stealing valor of those who went downrange.

  4. This R.I. Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association chapter 9, dishonored Vietnam veterans by denying membership to a 100% qualified Vietnam vet and terminating Vietnam vet full members for asking why. In less than a year this CVMA disrespected Vietnam vets, a Vietnam Era vet and a Gulf War vet. Your right sarge, these members of the CVMA in R.I. ride around playing Motorcycle Club while portraying something they truly are not. That being combat veterans. They were asked to remove their patch more than once because the word is spreading on these phonies.

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