License Plate Revenue Helps California Veterans

Over 2.5 million veterans live in California.  Add to that number all the family members, and supporters, and California is home to millions of our veterans and others who support them.  To honor this large population, the California Department of Motor Vehicles created military license plates.  Available to anyone who wishes to show their pride in service or just support of those in service, all proceeds from these license plates go directly to the California State Department of Veterans Affairs.  In fact, since the initial implementation of customizable military plates in 1995, over $6.8 million has helped the CA Dept. VA help the state’s veteran community.

Additionally, since that 1995 start state, over 200 different logos have been developed to show individual pride in different military units or organizations.  Everything from the well known 1st Calvary Division to the likely less well known Naval Minewarfare Association, or the Tin Can Sailors.  The CA DMV has made the step with technology to allow online ordering of these plates; they expect to see a jump in sales, which means increased funds for the state VA to assist veterans.  An example of the projects that the California VA has recently started include the Vets to Home Project 60, started in LA on an agreement between the VA and the city of LA.

Look here to see all the logos you can add to a license plate, and let your friends, family, and veterans living in California know how they can show their pride and support for our veterans.


Photo thanks to corypina under creative common license on Flickr.

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