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In 2002, the Jobs for Veterans Act was created to provide federal help for veterans, and for employers who wish to actively seek veterans to fill their companies’ positions.  Just knowing this act is out there doesn’t do a veteran much good though.  Knowing about the tools available because of this act might be helpful though.

One specific website has taken some of these tools and compiled them into a comprehensive website that veterans can browse to find helpful information, suggestions, or assistance planing education for new job training, including information on the financial resources needed to take a step forward in the civilian career world. has created this site as part of the Key to Career Success Campaign.  Some of the military specific tools available include a job converter.  It takes a military specific job title, such as 31B for army enlisted military police, and returns similar civilian jobs.  Sometimes the hardest part about finding employment is knowing where to start looking, and the directions provided just by this translation from military to civilian qualifications may help veterans begin looking for employment under the right specific titles.  Additionally, most states have programs to help veterans find jobs that are funded out of the states’ budgets.  Carreronestop maintains a listing for each state’s resources.

Unemployment is a problem for all Americans, but unfortunately veterans have higher unemployment rates than non veteran civilians.  The organizations listed by carreronestop recognize this and have a desire to help.  Vabenefitblog is not directly endorsing any specific organization, but is supplying this information in hopes that it helps our readers find enjoyable employment.


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