How To Start Direct Deposit of Benefits

The technology age is taking over, and cards are not standard fare.  When was the last time you saw someone *ahem* younger using a checkbook at Wal-Mart?  I never take my checkbook out of the house, and aside from a strange affinity for paying my bills with checks and mailing them in with envelopes and stamps, I never use my checkbook.

To keep tide with the flow of popular choice and technological advancement, many federal agencies have been turning to direct deposit.  They’re telling you to change your benefits payments to direct deposit before X date.  They always leave out how!


So here you go, its actually fairly easy.

Download-able paper form.

Just print out VA Form 02-2496, fill in all the necessary information, and send in to the address on the paper.

Department of Veterans Affairs

125 S. Main Street Suite B

Muskogee OK 74401-7004


Online enrollment:

You can also enroll online.  You will need several pieces of information in order to complete online direct deposit enrollment. 1.  Your social security number or claim number. 2. the check number of the last paper federal benefits check you received.  This number is 12 digits long.  3. The dollar amount of that same, last paper federal benefits check.  4. The routing number for your bank, and the account number of the account you want to begin deposits in.

Visit and simply click on the left hand blueish-green button that says “Get Direct Deposit.”


Reloading Debit Card:

In the same manner that you can have your benefits deposited straight into your account, you can also have an account created specifically for your benefits payments, and receive a MasterCard debit card for access to those funds.  The DirectExpress Debit MasterCard has this program set up specifically for federal benefits and comes highly recommended by both the U.S. Treasury and Social Security Administration.  Currently recipients of social security benefits can sign up online, but recipients of VA benefits need to call 1-888-544-6347.


If you already have direct deposit, sometimes the idea of changing your deposit information can convince you not to change financial institutions when you otherwise want to.  Don’t let this task prevent you from getting the best service from the financial institution you actually want to do business with.  Changing your direct deposit information is actually quite easy, you simply have to call the direct deposit information line at the VA. Call 1-877-838-2778.


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