House Veterans Affairs Committee Approves Six Bills

On Sept. 15, the House Veterans Affairs Committee approved six bills affecting a broad range of benefits for veterans. The main bill passed was a multifaceted omnibus bill that would do the following:

  • Create a new job training program for veterans
  • Implement changes to help prevent veterans from having reductions or terminations of their pensions
  • Help protect the gun rights of veterans with mental disorders due to their services
  • Double Medal of Honor recipients’ monthly pensions

Other approved bills included a variety of benefits as well. One would give the title of “veteran” to certain National Guard retirees, one would use financial counseling to fix some of the current issues with initial payouts, and one would require VA to make job opportunities (including private-sector jobs) more visible and available to veterans online. And one last bill would provide a $500 monthly stipend to veteran schoolteachers in rural areas, create 2,000 internships available to veterans only, and create lawful guidelines and qualifications for how to be a vocational rehabilitation counselor or veterans employment coordinator.

Because there are less than four weeks until the House and the Senate take a recess before elections, these approved bills will probably not become law until after elections, due to lack of time. But if put into law, these bills would add even more veteran benefits to the already extensive list.

Photo thanks to Rob SV under creative common license on Flickr.

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