Disabled Veterans Golf Course

Many golf courses exist in the United States, but one is truly special. The American Lake Veterans Golf Course in Tacoma, Washington is exclusively designed for disabled veterans.

The course was built in 1955 and has been mostly neglected until recent contributions by Jack Nicklaus, among others. This course allows accommodations for disabled veterans and is completely free for in patients at the nearby VA hospital.

A non-profit corporation, Friends of American Lake Veterans Golf Course, was created in 2004 to launch fund-raising efforts. For more information on volunteering or donating, you can check out their website at VeteranGolf.org.

The American Lake Veterans Golf Course was recently featured on ESPN’s Outside the Lines. You can see their story on ESPN’s website.

Photo thanks to The News Tribune.

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  1. I think that this is a fantastic idea—-so much so that I’d like additional information about the possibility of exploring the opportunity to replicate a course such as this here in Texas. My family & I own 237 acres in North East Texas. Is there someone who could contact me, please?

    Thank you,

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