Camp Lejeune Continued

Recently we posted a blog concerning the Camp Lejeune Veterans Act of 2011, and it caught the attention of Jerry Ensingler. He is the subject of Semper Fi: Always Faithful, a documentary focusing on the controversy surrounding Camp Lejeune. Jerry has also made appearances before Congress with Senator Burr to discuss the bill and has been at the forefront of the movement for additional compensation for veterans affected by water contamination at the base.

We had the opportunity to speak with Mr. Ensingler regarding their plan to reintroduce the bill. He stated that the bill was denied because of a debate over funding sources, so a plan to acquire a new source of money has been developed.

Additionally, he claimed there would be further information brought forward to highlight the need for compensation. A mortality study, TCE Risk Assessment, and an ATSDR water model of Camp Lejeune should all be available in early 2012 to help support their next plan.

This won’t be a quick process. With the bill going through a second time for approval, it may take Congress until early next year to authorize funds for additional compensation.

12 thoughts on “Camp Lejeune Continued”

  1. Since there was a problem,we were trained to leave no one behind,something needs to be done,God Bless all Vets,Thanks to you we are FREE…..

  2. Charles Petoskey

    Forgive me, but they told us semper fi. we gave our time, blood sweat and tears to God, Corps and country. Why can’t we expect the same in return because of this?

  3. I was station at Camp Lejeune from 1968-72, did this problem exists during this time frame? If so…is there somewhere to follow-up, on the Medical condition’s and symptom’s associated with this water problem?
    Do I have to sign anything…like I Had to with Agent Orenge exposure?

  4. brian gallagher

    I have been kicked under the bus twice by these people, inspite of the fact that I was stationed at LeJeune the year it all began. I suffered from GERD and chronic indigestion for thirty five years, and not knowing about the tainted water problem, went ahead and had surgury from civilian means, because I had developed Barretts syndrome. Maybe I will take another run at it, although they seem hell bent to disqualify as many veterans as possible.

  5. michael a clark

    I did time at camp le june in the late 70s and was rejected reup because i got graves decease. they did not tell me at that time that was the reason nor did they tell me that i could get comp. from when i heard about this water problem i went to my VA. and i now get 10% . but my son was born there and has some issues that i beleave came from this and so does my wife and daughter.thank you for your info. and we need to keep up the fight.

  6. About 6 years ago, the doctor diagnosed me with having BLADDER CANCER, stage 2-3. It was successfully removed with surgery. The Doctor treeing me, said he felt strongly, that I had ingested some sort of chemical, which caused me to get that type of cancer. Two years later, the cancer came back, but was successfully removed again. About two years ago, the Navy Dept. sent me a letter, informing me, that I had been exposed to contaminated water, while living in Tarawa Terrace, at Camp Lejeune. I applied for compensation through the V. A., but was denied. My doctor wrote a letter to the V. A., telling them he felt strongly, that my being exposed to chemicals of that nature, were indeed the problem. The V.A. has scheduled an appointment for an examination this coming week.

  7. I was stationed there on different occasions. In the 70’s and 80’s.
    I have seizures that are uncontrollable. No medicine has worked to this point. I been on many types. The Doctors took me off of most because they had no effect.
    I cannot drive,mostly home bound. If you think for one minute that dose not work on my mind . It’s been almost twelve years since the seizures have started.
    Maybe the cover up can uncover some diagnosis. I been waiting a long time.

  8. I was stationed at Camp LeJune from 1964 to 1966. I am currently on seventeen medications a day. I have had Upper and Lower GI Series problems, bladder and prostate problems and had to have four Para-Thyroid Glands removed. I will be contacting my Vet Center, here in Charlotte, NC., to ask them for help, in whatever I am due, as far as Compensation is concerned for it has cost me dearly. If anyone has any suggestions on whatever action I need to take, please reply. Still a believer, in other Veterans .. Semper Fi

  9. Patricia A. Kelly

    What is the Veteran’s Administration doing for spouses of persons serving at Camp Lejuene between 1980-1983 concerning the ground water contamination? I was the spouse of a naval corpsman, living on base during that time, and have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

    1. Bob Stephenson

      I was a depenent whose father was stationed at LeJeune for a total of 5yrs.The VA recently told me that I wasn’t due anything because I was never stationed there,and had no proof I was ever there.

  10. alvin e thomas

    God Bless you Jar Heads!! You are getting screwed by the VA, equally as the US Navy. Vietham Veteran 1966, U.S.S. Fred T.Berry DD 858. Approved for service connection by the Minneapolis VA Hospital, disapproved by Wisconsin VA and called Vietnam ERA. 4-5 ISCHEMIC STROKES AND 1 HEART ATTACK. Wisconsin VA chooses what to listen to from the VA Hospital. Still have night mares, girl friend scared at night. No PTSD said a quack at the hospital. Heart not pumping oxygen like it should, Ischemic Heart Attack. Not approved by Wisconsin for service connection????

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