Bill Introduced to Expand Compensation to Agent Orange Victims

The Victims of Agent Orange Relief Act of 2011 was introduced to the House of Representatives on July 25, 2011. The bill targets ongoing problems and concerns regarding exposure to deadly herbicides, including Agent Orange, during the Vietnam War.

The bill seeks to increase compensation for any individual Vietnamese nationals, Vietnamese-Americans, and United States veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange, and children of those affected that have developed complications related to deadly herbicides used during the Vietnam War.

Those individuals would receive medical and chronic care, nursing services, and medical equipment under the bill. For caregivers, assistance ranges broadly from medicine and medical equipment to training and home care. Counseling services are also offered.

Currently the bill is in the early steps of the legislative process. On Aug. 1, 2011, it was referred to the subcommittee on Health. Introduced bills and resolutions first go to committees that deliberate, investigate, and revise them before voting them out of committee to general debate on the House floor.

U.S. President Barack Obama has even addressed the issue, speaking to the the 93rd Annual Conference of the American Legion recently. He said that three diseases are now presumed to be related to Agent Orange exposure, and that Veterans Affairs are beginning to pay benefits regarding these issues.

Over the past year the backlog has grown due to new claims from Agent Orange, meaning it could be a longer wait to receive benefits than you would hope for. Progress in sharing medical records between the Department of Defense and the VA is also being made.

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  1. Agent Orange has effected so may peoples lives. Military that serves during that time have been feeling the effects of Agent Orange for any years. It has affected their quality of life and poor health is very common for these brave soldiers.

  2. I wish good luck to anyone applying for compensation due to Agent Orange. I applyed for it as I was diagnosed with Sensory Peripheral Neuropathy and have paperwork showing exposure and the dates and was turned down because I did not report it when getting out of the service. I have been recieving treatment for the disease from the VA since 1996.

    1. Hi try going through the VFW for help with paper work for filing for Agent Orange compensation. They have helped my husband to get his compensation.

    2. I agree with Frank. I have had Peripheral Neuropathy for over 30 years. When I received the booklet about agent orange assumed causes, the first entry was Peripheral Neuropathy. When I talked to the VA, they told me that I had to have reported it within one year after leaving Vietnam. I told the VA that was total Bullshit because we were never given the information to file. The VA tried for many years to hide the effects of AO. I told the VA and their DR’S that I saw 150 foot or higher trees with about a foot of bark totally taken down. Then, I asked the question, if AO could take go through bark a foot thick, then how long would it take to go through our thin layer of skin. Answer, that’s not the issue. I said to hell it’s not.

      Also I was told at the VA Hospital in Los Angeles that AO in later life has shown to soften joints in the body and disintegrate the joints also. The reason, so I was told was there would be a huge amount of veterans applying.

      The settlement that the government made with Dow Chemical and Monnsanto for a small sum that was gone right away, was to quiet the Vets of a settlement. That’s the way the government still repays our service and the one’s who have died from AGENT ORANGE POISONING.

  3. Three diseases?? Who is kidding who? I’ve had things going on with my health , both physical and mental, ever since leaving that country in 1968. I had no idea as to what any symptoms could be or if any were even related. I still don’t and don’t think any one else does either ! To make it worse, who do you trust to tell you if in fact “any” of these things ‘could’ be related? I hardly believe they can pick out three things and say that is all that people could possibly have problems with.

    1. No, that is NOT the way to handle this – not just the symptoms but the time frame! Only a limited number of “Doctors” who served may have been exposed and even be able to diagnose themselves. This chemical has latent symptoms and the average soldier should NOT be expected to know them. Hell, thay didn’t even “come out” about many of the issues Agent Orange caused! I believe they don’t know all of them at this juncture – I say that as an R.N. who had symptoms of a disease I had never treated and MY doctors couldn’t even tell what it was! I don’t know what the answer is other than pressure which is best done in the form of protest but I’m also certain that many who are affected could not travel to do so. Letters, letters, and more letters…

  4. I got out of the USAF on Feb 26, 1975. I was nevert told that I had been exposed to Agent Orange until last year at the VA Hospital in Atlanta Ga, It was confirmed, as the person that looked at my DD 214 and told me the VA could not turn me down for medical benefits ( They did in Florida in Broward county VA Clinic there earlier. I was in SEA for a total of 413 days. I was shown by the VA that where I was stationed

  5. That is great for vets who are still alive and kicking…what to do about widows who suffered along with them due to the vets condition…again i am glad that we are now taking better care of vietnam vets but for those who are now deceased there is nothing.

    1. Miriam…you are so right…my husband too, a Viet Nam vet, now deceased…suffered and died an early death due to the effects of Agent Orange. I’m sure there are a lot of us widows…and our children have been cheated losing their fathers so soon.

      1. I myself along with 3 sisters have lost a Dad at age 62 and while the government compesated my mother a small amount, they have not compensated us children or even attempt to make right with the children who now have lost their dad. The government is so screwed up. I have to help take care of my mom because them bastards killed our father and she does not have enough to live on, and they also do not give her any of his retirement pay.

        1. You can file for compensation for your mother called “Aid and Attendance” if she qualifies under her income guidelines. Check with the VA about this.

    2. Don’t give up on this terrible diease called Agent Orange. Our gov. owe’s us Vets that much. I have conditions since 1970. They don’t reconize our problems with this.

    3. Miriam, I’m with you! I’m one of those widows. My husband actually was recieving compensation for AO exposure, but the type of Leaukemia he died from, is not the one they that they recogonize. I was left with nothing!

      1. SHAME ON THE VA AND ANYONE ELSE WHO is involved with toning this issue down, picking 3 WHOLE diseases (when they themselves do not even know the full scope of its reach) and is denying widows and children. It’s like the governments official position of “…we have never had troops in Cambodia…”! I’ve spoken to SEVERAL Vets who had boots on the ground there! And later, oh, oops, maybe we did have to go there! This is what there doing in Norma Holmes post below!!! Unbelievable… I feel for all of you and have known enough Vets to know how bad things were there. My heart and prayers go out to all.

        1. WOW, and once they found out our troops went to Cambodia, and a few others I dont think I can mention, they tried to say that we weren’t there at all. Tried to say that it was the troops from Vietnam who were fighting with us. My father was a very strong willed man, with alot of issues from the war, and as most did, he’d try to drown his memories with beer. This usually had a opposite effect. He would explain how they constantly dumped A.O. with no regard for health, even when my father was told by his C.O. that the mixture is “Safe enough to drink”. I then proceeded to hear about the horrors he was forced to perform. I’m not gonna go into too much detail, but you’ll never get the image of your father bawling his eyes out, explaining to me late night raids at the bases, watching kids younger than I at the time(7-15 yrs) running with bombs strapped to em. I used to wanna be just like my father, go into the service, protect this country, bit as I look back at the mental and physical torment he went through, I could only wish to be as great as he was. Around 1996, my father had to have part of his colon removed, and he still kept pushing on, back to work in a week and a half!!!!! I hated that he was so stubborn, but who am I to tell a grown man what to do. A couple more years passed, and I noticed therewas a black mole on his right shoulder. I told him to get it looked at but by the time he went, the “mole”had almost doubled in size. Turns out it was an early form of mellanoma. As I said before, he was very stubborn, so he denied radiation, and things of that sort, and was taking a medication for it. I finally talked him into goin to the VA in grand rapids, mi. And they did tests and set him up for surgery. I’m not a rocket scientist, but mellanoma cancer is by far the worst when its exposed to the blood stream, so why the heck would you cut it off? 3weeks later, he had another test on his lymphnodes. He played it off like nothin was wrong, when the doctor told him it had spread. He carried on like he was cured, and snuck to cancer specialists so I wouldnt find out. One day, I came home and he was facefirst on the floor, not responding. I picked him up and drove him 40 minutes to the hospital, as fast as the car would go. My father had suffered the first of 4 strokes and 2 heart attacks over the course of 2months. He was self employed, so if he missed a day of work, theyd replace him. While dad was in the hospital about a week, and when he was told to take it easy, I MADE him stay home while I went to school, and as soon as that was done, worked at a trailer factory at 17 to keep up the mortgage on dads house. Unfortunately, dad had mortgaged the house twice to try and keep up with all the medical bills, all the while being denied the benefits he suffered and was now dying for. I will never ever recommend going to the VA hospital in grand rapids, for the mere fact that after the doctors finally found 3inoperable tumors in his brain and 6 more between his lungs and liver after giving him only a couple weeks, they proceed to put a PACEMAKER into his chest!!! I could tell my father was miserable there, and after the multiple strokes, heart attacks, and suffering, I knew he wanted to go home. I rented a hospital bed and everything i could to make him as comfortable as possible, and just stayed with him, trying to comfort him while if felt like just crying seeing him so miserable. My father is my hero and to see him going through so much, I felt hopeless. At 17, I held my fathers hand as he took his last breath. I felt so lost and scared without him, and the pain isn’t going away. My father suffered for years, without a single complaint, built a home with his blood,sweat and tears,only to give everything up so he could still be seen by the so called foreign doctors that look just like the people who were trying to kill him in NAM. Dad was in the armored transports,, manning the .50 on the guntruck named “The Babysitters”. If anyone in this forum served with a Gale M. Burdin army,s love to hear from ya. I have heard many war stories, a lot that the average person wouldn’t dream of living with, but I wanna honor my father and all the others who fought even when their own country were practicing “population control” poisoning the.very people who kept them safe while they hid behind their oak desks playing with peoples lives. My father died for what he loved, and never asked for a damn thing untill he desperately needed it, and was stIll tossed away like trash. I, luckily, was adopted by my parents, because of impotency issues as a matter of fact, so I won’t suffer like some second-generation A.O. sufferers have to deal with everyday, and my heart and prayers go to every single one, but you can’t tell me that vietnam doesn’t effect the next generation, I’m living proof with NO blood relation to my father, and I have ulcers so bad I vomit blood occasionally, wake every morning sick and throwing up, severe depression, anxiety,and bi-polar. I have even had to go to the hospital from bleeding ulcers. I lost my fathers home cause medical bills got so outrageous that I quit school, and my uncle took over my fathers buisness. Ive had struggles with trying to “self medicate” myself to drown the pain and anger I have towards this. I’ve lived in tents, caves and holes, and stole to eat. I know hes watching over me every day, but I’m still all alone, everything gone, and so sick of doing what this so called free country tells you. Ain’t nothing in the world free, especially Americas views on whats important. HELl, we killed bin-laden and almost everyone who was ever related to him, why are we still there? America the beautiful, always snooping around where were not needed. I got a plan, worry about whats happening here at home instead of kill our youth and women to find a few bombs in their roads. Wake up American government and realize YOUR BECOMING what were fighting against. I’m sorry for, but thanks for creating somewhere that I can relate to people. And my heart is with each and every person suffering at the hands of stupidity.

  6. My dad spent his life in the army. He was in Vietnam for many tours of duty. He is gone now he passed away at 55, I am not a veteran but I do work with veterans I am the chairperson for our veterans committee where I work, and am also on the concil at our region for the veterans. The thing that makes me so MAD is the fact that these men and women have to fight so hard to get what is owed them. It’s just not right. And what about all the places they used agent orange but do not acknowledge that the troops there have been exposed. Just makes me sick.

    1. I was in Korea 6/68 to 7/69 Has anyone received benefits from the Agent Orange there? I applied and was turned down before I got out the door.

      1. My husband served in Korea on the DMZ 1968-1969. He filed a claim for IHD,in 1997, 2000,2002, all were denied “no boots on ground in Nam” show proof It was service related. Well now isn’t that special, knowing dam well he couldn’t. I now have 100 pages of Top Secret Declassified info. Not only was there heavy chemical exposure but stuff was tested on them then shipped to Nam!!! After his first heart attack in 1985, he had diabetes, COPD, thyroid issues, 5 by-passes, Difb/pacemaker and recommended for heart transplant. He died in 2008, never receiving one red penny from the VA!! I feel I have been discriminated against. Nam Vet Widows are entitled to retro accrued compensation from time claim first denied why can’t I??? You can take Nam Vets off of Nehmer case and put Korean DMZ Vets name on that lawsuit and it is the same. Korean Vets and their Widows should be afforded Nehmer protection. Read about operation Flyswatter, and project Shade it is on the

        Read more:

    2. Thanks for your concerns of us “Nam Vets” and sorry about your dad. I too have issues on my VA compensations and not only agent orange disabilities. I served 2 tours there and I was proud of being there supporting each other (b/c of being there was for the wrong cause/accomplished nothing – but lost a lot of friends/fellow americans.)
      I also feel REAL sorry for the future veterans that are returning/returned from Iraq and Afghanistan. Keep up the good work.
      (sorry that I just noticed your message that you posted 10-12-11.)

  7. It is so hard to collect Agent Orange benefits!! Could you please tell us who are the Congressman in charge of this committee so we can call or write? thanks and to all who served in Vietnam, I salute you! Yours was a just cause! (not minimizing any vet of any War, just trying to show gratitude)

  8. I would encourage all veterans from Oklahoma to seek out an Oklahoma State Veterans Rep. I know there are others out there trying to help with claims but these people are trained and certified by Oklahoma for this purpose, they are good. I have used their services twice and have recieved disability increases both times. They also have an office at the VA Hospital in OKC

  9. Under the U.S. Supreme Court’s Feres Doctrine and its “mandate,” (FDM), of 1950, the “VA” is commanded to provide “no-fault, non-adversarial” redress of incident to military service injuries and or ailments. Sadly, as the FDM nears 61 years; so many countless U.S. Veterans or surviving loved ones are still being denied due process and equal protection of the FDM.

    I am glad to see this bill moving along … and any Gulf War I family members suffering similarly to AO exposures due to “MFI” etc., should mount their forces under the “FDM” and get the help they need.

  10. The V.A. had to be drug, kicking and screaming to do anything for Viet Nam veterans. I doubt much has changed. When I got out of the Army, they were still officially denying that A.O. posed any kind of a health risk and the stonewalling continued for years. I had multiple exposures to A.O. but have, mercifully, been symptom free.

  11. Miriam Kinney…..I am the wife of a VN vet, retired USAF. He passed away, and I had all the back up papers from hospitals and doctors proving back to 1982 what was wrong. VA got the papers thru the month after he died, and thank heaven they did cause DOD cut my share of his retirement down to $70.00 a month! Don’t give up on VA, get your papers together and take them to them…let them go over them, and give you a first hand report.

  12. Blah blah blah. By the time this gets thru Congress, we’ll either be too senile to ask for benefits or dead. By the time my exposure was acknowledged, the money set aside by the chemical manufacturer(s) was all gone. The medical side of the VA has been wonderful to me & my family. The administrative side? They suck! I’ve had nothing but grief from those folks since 1994 when diagnosed with PTSD. So much for “putting veterans first”. VARO, St Pete, FL could fall off the grid and we’d probably be better off.

  13. Just WHY is money going to Vietnamese Nationals from VA budgeted money? Did anyone except me catch that first sentence of the second paragraph?

    “The bill seeks to increase compensation for any individual Vietnamese nationals, Vietnamese-Americans, and United States veterans who were exposed to Agent Orange, and children of those affected that have developed complications related to deadly herbicides used during the Vietnam War.”

    I see no reason for such an expenditure when the VA is withholding medications from Vets because of COST. A committee decided that I didn’t need it because it cost too much. So much for Vets are our NUMBER ONE ! I call it Barnyard Bovine Excrement.
    Sounds more like another apology by the “Apologist in chief” too me.
    Put the money, all the money where it belong, serving the vets and yes the children of the vets who have complications from AO. Otherwise, shut off the water ($$$) We paid enough in VietNam don’t you think so?

  14. I did my bit out of Thailand in ’72. It has come to light recently that agent orange was used there. I have suffered from several mysterious maladies for around 20 years and was diagnosed with ischemic heart disease after a heart attack in July. The VA is very restrictive on who is presumed in Thailand. Does anyone know where I can get more information about agent orange usage in Thailand? I worked with Cambodians and Laotians in a Specia Forces Camp near Nam Phoung.

    1. Ann Marie Fagan

      I have spent the last six weeks searching for information. My husband is very sick. I have had some luck with Google searches. I am going through the articles one by one and I print them out. I then package them up as I find them and send them off to the VA. Type in Agent Orange in Thailand, Thailand and Agent Orange, and so on. It is a lot of work but I am hoping it pays off. Also go to the National Archives and type in the same thing in the search menu. I hope this helps a little.

      1. Thank you. I am sorry to hear about your husband. Hope things go well. I’m the youngest of five siblings, the only one that never smoked, kept my weight under control, did the right things. I’m the only one with all these problems. Something over there messed with our bodies.

    2. are any of your problems joint and muscel i was in 3rd marines in quang tri 1969 and i ame having a lot problems also

  15. Yes I read the second paragraph. Do you think that a vet who lost his legs, or an arm would let a bill go through for vietnamese nationals. Who the hell in their right mind would suggest this, when it took 40 years to recognise the vn vet. I would not send them a dime , and I am sure that the 68 thousand on the wall would agree with me…If you have put in for compensation and are waiting, I hope that you make it through the claims process. Mine took only 10 months, amazing and it was all wrong….

    1. I signed up for the Agent Orange Registry. I might have pulled it from the VA site or just typed in Agent Orange Registry on google. Good luck with this. AIRBORNE, Jim

  16. I handled and sprayed agent orange herbicides on Guam for ten years during the Vietnam War. I have several illnesses now all service connected to agent orange but that took 25 years. I have documentation showing my duties handling and spraying these herbicides and eye witnesses. I also have first exposure diseases on my military medical records like chloracne and sterility. If I can be of assistance to anyone please let me know. I would highly recommend to everyone to band together and organize especially the surviving families. check out agent orange legacy with Sharon Perry. Also Mookie Porter of the VVA. They are tremendous people and will help you. Also mention my name and they will help you i am sure. I have started a petition on the white house web site we the people for a full investigation on agent orange outside of vietnam but need 5000 signatures by oct 22. there are 650 on there. It will be deleted by the white house if not reached. thanks for your help. God bless all of you.

    1. I signed your petition did it ever make it through
      I’m working on my husband’s a Agent orange claim for lung cancer from his short time in Guam. Any information you can send me would be helpful I’m not even sure where to start except to get all his records and show that because of EPA that they had a big clean up in Guam which showed large depoistes of dioxon in ground water. He had Kidney stones starting in Guam,he has so many little issues. Thanks for any help you can give and for standing up for those of us that don’t really have the words.

      Warm Regards
      Keith and Linda Cook

  17. I was in the US Navy in Vietnam 1964-1965. In 1996 suffered 4-5 Ischemic strokes and 2008 one Ischemic heart attack. VA now pays for Ischemic Heart attacks. They still turned me down, even after sending me to the Minneapolis VA Hospital were I was approved for “service connection”. The VA is not paying US Navy, as if Agent Orange stopped at the border of Vietnam and did’nt go out to sea! My strokes and heart attack were both Ischemic. I have an appeal on file now. This case has been going on since 1997!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I need help I started in 1999, trying to get help for my husband, only to be told it wasnt service related, after repeated times of trying an told the same thing years latter I was finally giving a app by a person tending the front desk while the regular guy was at lunch. We finally got a appoinment , except my husband had a heart attack an I finally got him on my insurance an we continued with the hospital doctors till my insurance wouldnt help us anymore. After 2 bankruptcy’s over medicle bills an we lost are home, we finally got into the VA only for them to take 189 dollars a mth out of his SS ck. Now they say its Agent Orange an they compensated him to the point they put in the ICD, he has had 3 triple bipasses an tubes running all over his body because of this an a ICD, conjestive heart failure, what Im getting at is that he deserve to be payed to the point this started to show in his body an I have medicle records an prof of it, Please tell me how I get this for him, he deserve everything an more for what hes suffered, he gets 100% now but they should pay back to the point he has medicle prof

  19. Hello my name is Robert,Carte, I am a former Marine, and my father was in NAM , He is a former Marine also, when I was 7 years old I got hit by a car and my father gave me a blood transfusion. My father had Agent Orange . The hospital informed my mother that my father gave me 4 pints of his blood during the transfusion, in the hospital . I have been trying to tell my V.A. doctors if/how I could get tested for Agent Orange. My father has passed on since then, but my health is not in good condition .Can you please help. THANK YOU FOR HELPING.

  20. They have to have a bill to approve treatment for agent orange …this is like a huge oxymoron……you dont need a bill to use common sense for the love of God..take care of our soliders and shut up….the stupidest thing ive ever heard of is cuts to the veterans regarding health care….see they give their whole life to being a soliders some permanetly while the govt gets to say oh well you made it out alive now deal with what happen to you on your own…..stupid stupid stupid….

  21. i was in nam in 70 71 up north with 101st. no one ever told me i was exposed to the big hit with 4 rounds of friendly fire .wasnt pretty i have dieabites neropthy and titnuis how knows what else see your congress man or woman .mine was good [betty sutton] from ohio i here michigan it s real easy to get help .im going to re open all of mine. good luck to all

  22. My dad was diagnosed with tongue and larynx cancer 7 years ago from agent orange. He is now 100% service connected. Before he was service connected the VA kept telling him once he was connected he would be eligible for all kinds of benefits. Now that he’s connected the only thing he gets is a hard time.

  23. Ann Marie Fagan

    I feel for all of you. My husband went into the Marines when he was 17. He was sent to Subic Bay and then he was part of a Marine detachment on the USS Long Beach for 2 years. Not only do we have to prove exposure we have to find the 59 Marines for statements and pictures. All his service record book states is he was on the Long Beach. He has had 3 heart attacks , 5 bypasses , kidney failure, hep C, and 4th stage liver failure. He is 54 years old. We were told that first we have to prove he was a combat vet. He still has his pay records that shows he received combat pay and he was involved with 2 operations during the evacuation in addition to the USS Long Beach being involved in the Mayaguez incident. But again we have been unable to find any documentation.

  24. When I left the U S M C in 69 I came home and went to work,,having a good job I never bothered with the V A..I retired last yr. and finally went down after being coaxed by a fellow Vet…Now I’m in treatment for Prostrate cancer and diabetes…these illnesses are related to A O..I filed a claim..and now just waiting…I filed a claim w/Social Security under the veterans clause…2 wks. check is on it’s way..Do not give up try every thing!!!!

  25. WHat 3 things was Obama talking about, I have been getting comp. for agent orange for years. Had skin cancers, diebetas, and nerve damange,

  26. I would like TOTAL CONFIRMATION that Agent Orange or any other chemical was NOT used in other places besides Vietnam. My dad told me stories of him and three others ordered to clean out drums then had to be hosed down afterwards. This was NOT in Vietnam but during the war. Shortly after he has suffered many problems. He hasn’t been able to work since his discharge in ’72. The effects have been seen in my sister and now HER children as well. Nervousness, shaking, seizures etc. But NOTHING has been done to help him. He has to go to a local food bank just to make sure he has food! I know ppl who were NEVER exposed to the chemical but are receiving good benefits ‘just because they were IN Vietnam’ at that time! When you have documentation from many doctors as well as numerous hospital stays….WHY does it NOT matter? HE SERVED HIS COUNTRY!

  27. clifford Higdon

    what bothered me i was a truck driver in viet-nam 1967-68, stationed in the Danang, a lot of truck driving units would supply vehicles & drivers from their units to run convoys all over the nam, when i put my claim in they stated they had no records of me being those area, & for ptsd, i did not reieve a purple heart or did not receieve the infintry medal.i spend a lot of time away from my unit and with the grunts, all over the Nam. so then the national guard sent me to Bosnia 2000-2001, and Iraq 2003-2004, i am now finally compensated for unemployability, but Va still not admiting i hav PSTD, or that i was in agent orange area, although the Va treats me for PTSD, & other agent orange cause ailments.

  28. clifford Higdon

    i want the Va to straighten this mess out, treating me for PSTD, and other ailments, but saying i do not hav it.

  29. I have read all the comments and share the same feelings. I have fought for my husbands benefits since 1986. We finally received compensation back to 2003 this past April. I decided never to accept the answer no from the V.A. I am not putting my full name on this in fear they might try to take away what has been given to him. Please don’t give up keeping pushing and don’t accept no. My husband is terminally ill and Agent Orange is responsible. I keep all the veterans and their families in my prayers and hope one day everyone is given what they should have been given a long time ago

  30. My AF ret. husband was 100% disabled by the VA in 2006 because they determined his diabetes was caused by AO. He lost both legs and in March he passed away. They were in the process of determining his Chronic heart condition was caused by AO. I would give back every penny we received to have him back but feel he deserved everything he was given in compensation.

  31. Phil Rominger, MSgt Ret

    I’m sure that the line requesting benefits for Vietnamese Nationals had a grand purpose in the bill drafter’s mind. How better to pay lip services to the Vietnam Veteran, without costing the government a red cent. No one in their right mind would give this a yes vote. It would open up a Pandora’s box of claims from these same Vietnam nationals. Not to mention clogging up our court system with claims for war related injuries that would not be covered by the bill, but given legitimacy because of the precedence it would set. I was diagnosed with Type II diabetes in 2009, along with a whole host of other health problems. I have filed with the VA just for the care of diabetes, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

  32. I am the widow of a VietNam vet. He was denied benefits on his 5 way bypass because it wasn’t connected to AO. Now it is and they are to go back and redo the wrong they did. This was to take priority and be done now, they are sure taking thier time and not letting us know anything.

  33. Have two brothers who are Vietnam Vets. Would be nice to think my older brother would finally make more than me on SSDI. He has to take care of me , since my husband walked out, when I was told I could work no more. So we must share to get by with just bills, gas, and food, and meds. He is a Vietnam Vet, I cannot understand why my pay would have EVER been more than his.

  34. This is for Robert Carte, Jr. Agent Orange itself is not a disease. It is the chemicals they used in Viet Nam to kill the foliage. Vets acquired illnesses and diseases from being exposed to the chemical. If you have diseases or illnesses that may be caused from your transfusion, you will probably need a good lawyer, and a VA rep on your side. Furnish records of the blood transfusion from your father, and documentation of all your health problems. Good LUck. If your health problems are not on the list of known or assumed problems caused by agent orange, it will take a lot of persuasion and proof. Senator Rockefeller from WV, helped my husband get CRSC compensation that was due him.

  35. I love the first question they ask you. Did you report this when you where discharged at the age of 22 at that time all I wanted to do is get the hell home and try and forget. After being spit on in Georgia and called a baby killer the last thing i wanted to do is get put thru a battery of tests.
    They have learned with the past conflicts to debreif them and then put them back into society.
    I was discharge 42 years ago with cysts on my spine clorachne never new it until finding my medicial discharge some 4 years ago when i asked for all my VA medicial records. NOw I have sent them to the DAV who is handling my case along with the BVA. Received hearing loss of 10 percent (funny I went their with 2 ears) lol. Can’t complain I am a lot better off then some.
    God Bless American and They you vets for all you do.

  36. I have been diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma and was awarded 100% disability which I received for about 18 months and now have been told that, even though this is an ongoing situation and that it will never be totally gone, the disability will be cut to 0%. I can not buy life insurance ever because, I am told, I have ongoing cancer. I can not stop having CAT scans every 6 months and blood tests every 3 months for ever. But it is the VA’s position that I am healed. I wonder if anyone has any words of wisdom to deal with this situation

    1. catherene avery

      Sam tell them to kiss your rear. they told my husband that diabetes could be cured and that he didn’t have it for years. i finally got fed up and took him to a private doctor that diagnosed him with type II diabetes and immediately put him on meds. i took the report and made copies then i went with him to the VA in Martinsburg VA and gave the copies to his team dr and told him to enter them in his file. It took us from 1999 to 2007 to get him his rating on his diabetes even though they were treating him like he had it. all of this due to Agent Orange.

  37. I am a Navy Vietnam Veteran who suffered 4-5 Ischemic strokes and 1 Ischemic heart attack. I was service connected by the Benefits Doctor at the Minneapolis VA Hospital, but denied by the Milwaukee VA. What does it take to get service connected???

  38. I had in State exposer in 1974, I spent many months in the VAMC Sandiego in 1978 with a Malignant Fibro Hysteocytoma and Radical surgery followed by 36 Radiation Treatments. The chief of Oncology told them it was from Agent orange Exposer and I filed a claim and all the medical conditions I have are on the list when I did my Agent Orange registration and exam after 33 years of fighting I hope closer soon! I was 21 when I had the cancer!

  39. My husband was a medic in Nam and I lost him 2 yrs ago. Most of his health problems had to do with the affects of AO while he was stationed there.He had lots of problems including COPD, heart and kidney problems , diabetes and many other complications that took his life .

  40. I have these problems with agent orange. My life took a nose dive after coming home from Nam. The v.a. has done much for me in the way of medical help. Most people may think that the compensation takes care of everything. No it does not. I would return all I have received if I could get my life back and take care of my family. It has devastated my life as many other veterans that were exposed to this herbicide. We never complained about serving our country and yet it took so long for our country to understand what it did to us while serving our homeland. My family has endured much because of this. When I hear that they are trying to give us a bit more compensation I do thank our government but does it really take care of our love ones. My biggest fear how far does this chemical go. Will it effect our offspring years down the road. I have already lost comrades because of agent orange. I go to bed at night and think how will my family manage when it come to my turn to leave. Will they still keep sending my family what I am getting now to help or will they just turn that dollar into a dime. I think a dime. My heart goes out for all my comrades that have been effected by agent orange, we did not catch one in the leg or lose our lives their but we were given a slow death here at home. God Bless America I love my country and if I had to do it all over again I would.

  41. Robert Vamm Wilson

    How does anyone bring suite agstance the chemical companies I have had quite a few Vietnam vets aske if I knew anything concerning it and I don’t know a thing

  42. heo hello out there,want to know about agent orange ?just type in n-hexene in agent orange.and found in cleaning sovent.this is the chemical the va or the any form of goverment won’t comment on .as for the va any lay person as they call it must have medical traning be for it can be used.good luck on getting your claim,i have been trying for over ten years now if we lived in viet nam ,or china (it would happen).and something some of you will never hear is welcome,god bless

  43. VA knows if you are sick enough for an approved claim. If you have one leg in the grave, you are almost there. Even a VA Medical approval won’t get your claim approved. I know, I have VA Doctors approval, but I am NAVY, AND they won’t pay NAVY. I have had 4-5 Ischemic strokes and 1 Ischemic heart attack, but that’s not enough for VA approval. Claims in since 1997. Been to a VSO. Have politicians for years. I am NAVY!

  44. Collins, Gary E.

    I am looking for anyone from C.S.C. 1/9 Inf. Camp Hovey Korea in the year of 1976-1977 that may have contracted Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and Type-2 Diabetes. “Or Just Old Friends”. Please Contact me at It id Important….Thank You and Keep Up The Fire. I am a 4.2 MM Mortar man. Hope to get contacted soon.

  45. Vietnam Veteran, 1971-72, Phu Bai/Quang Tri/Hue….have Type II Diabetes, hypertriglyceridemia, hypercholesterolemia, peripheral neuropathy, and have been awarded 40%….just this past week got a new diagnosis, cervical stenosis….and, in 1996 had an ischemic stroke that left me 100% disabled but VA doesn’t recognize this as an AO connected disease….both cervical/spinal stenosis AND ischemic strokes have been hitting Vietnam Vets hard, and these keep increasing more and more….how many of us are going to die of this crap before VA gets around to acknowledging AO caused this? I’m writing a letter to go into my file right now, so that when the day comes (if I’m still on this rock, that is) I can get my claim paid back to their receipt of my letter telling them of my health issues that, eventually, will “count” as Agent Orange related.

    Til then, I just hang in there and hold my breath……………….

  46. I am a 1965-66 Vietnam Vet, who suffered 4-5 Ischemic Strokes,1996, and 1 Heart Attack 2008. I have had claims in since 1997. They have all been rejected because I am US Navy, even though a Doctor at the Minneapolis VA Hospital approved me for Service Connection. For them to say “they give you the benefit of the doubt” is bull! The VA does not support the US Air Force, nor the US Navy! They sent me to the VA Hospital for a benefits exam, and then did’nt listen to the Doctor.

  47. Sonja Lynn Newill

    I was employed at Lake City Army Ammunition Plant, located in Independence Missouri. After I saw international violations inside the EPA and OSHA at this site, I began to wonder what was wrong. My son died of a mysterious physical illness in February 2011. There was no one to tell us of the extreme danger in working around high temperatures, propellant and gun powder. My voluntary payments for on site “Corporate” disability insurance mysteriously failed to be placed and paid to me. My USA right to be employed was slowly cancelled. I have not be placed on Missouri Social Security disability yet, but can not work full time now. I do not believe that the medical information regarding my chemical contamination is complete or current. No USA attorney or medical physician is concerned about my symptoms or future. I continue to place that “Agent Orange” should not have been a complete secret in my life and that of my sons illegal murder and death. My son was forced to cope with unknown (Agent Orange) health issues for his entire short life of 25 years old.

  48. Thailand Vets. VA will approve herbicides claims if your MOS work duty was on or near the base perimeter. YOU have to prove it with military records, photos, buddy letters and etc. VA CP Bulletin May 2010 p.3 on the internent will show what diseases and what requirements VA uses for Thailand Vets

  49. alvin e thomas

    I am US Navy 1965-66 Vietnam Veteran who has suffered 4-5 strokes and 1 heart attack. Even though the Minneapolis VA Hospital Benefits Dept. approved me for service connection, the Milwaukee VA DIDNOT, after they sent me for the exam! All because I am US Navy and Agent Orange could not have gone out to sea, and could not have been concentrated, as the Australian Navy found out. The Wisconsin VA is full of it. They won’t recognize the US Navy, nor the US Air Force. NO BOOTS ON THE GROUND!

  50. I am watching my father die slowly due to his agent orange exposure with ishimic heart disease and cancer. The va will grant him benefits then after a year take them away. Then we fight to get him back on again and then after a year they are taken away again. I was conceived not long after he returned from his service and I suffer from neurological issues. I have researched it and many of the children conceived after exposure are also having neurological problems. Mine is nerve pain, seizures, and tremors (uncontrollable muscle movement) but the va will not cover this. I don’t have spinabifida so my. neurological and many others like me couldn’t be from agent orange. If any one else knows anything that could help me get my medical covered by the va please post it. I have already had to file bankruptcy on medical bills (only medical bills) a few years ago and the medical bills are piling up again.

  51. andrew cheney jr.

    iam a vietnam vet. wonded while in nam.I have prastate cancer and was at 100 percent.the va said that i got better and put me at 70 percent.iam still with it and its getting worse.i have a new claim in but no word on when i will get up graded.i guess they are waiting for me to die.where do i go to get help?Thanks

  52. They know what Agent Orange has done to us. I have 4-5 strokes and 1 heart attack, all Ischemic. They don’t care!! They prove it every day. My ship USS Fred T Berry DD 858 received to Combat Awards for Vietnam in III Corps, the heaviest concentraded area for Agent Orange, and they have the nerve to LABEL us Vietnam Era. We received as much concentrated Agent Orange as the GI. Evidence are my strokes and heart attack. Aproved by the Mineapolis VA Hospital, not the MILWAUKEE VA. The Canadians pay there Vietnam Navy! Maybe we should have went to Canada. No we were good Americans, fighting Communism. Pres. Obama has already given it lip service, i know the other guy will CUT present funding and not approve any more!!!

  53. Have done something I did’nt want to do: got a lawyer, Woods and Wooods!! 4-5 Ischemic Strokes in 1996, 1 Ischemic Heart Attack 2008. Minneapolis VA Hospital VA doctor said, “service connected”. The Wisconsin VA said, “NO”! The VA is full of it! They don’t assume service connected cause I am US Navy. WHAT DOES UT TAKE? Politicians and lawyers now involved! The Canadians proved, Agent Orange was concentrated by distilling! Ate food cooked in it, showered in ate and drunk it in coffee all the time. Lucky to be here. Going to Vietnam Veterans buddies funerals all the time.

  54. alvin e thomas

    I have 3 items caused by agent orange: Ischemic Heart Attack, Ischemic Strokes, Hypertension, High Cholesterol and High Cholesterol Plus low Vitamin “D”. In 1996 I suffered 4-5 Ischemic Strokes and told to prove that Ischemic Heart attacks caused them by the VA. Whos side is the VA on, the USA or Charlie’s. All my claims have been denied!

  55. alvin e thomas

    Now my claim was returned to National. 4-5 Ischemic Strokes and 1 Ischemic Heart Attack. Approved for Service Connection after an exam by Minneapolis VA Hospital, in 2003. Still denied by Wisconsin VA. Treated for Sleep Apneia, hypertension, and low vitamins, by the Minneapolis VA Hospital, which is great. Wisconsin VA should be ashamed of itself. Called me a Vietnam era when my ship earned a combat ribbon! Politicians only monitor what is going go on, they won’t step in and correct VA. They sent me to the Minneapolis VA Hospital, and now chose what to listen to them. When they said I am not PSTD, they listened. When they said I am service connected, THEY DID’NT.

  56. Was approved by National VA back on Sept 9, 2014 for Ischemic Heart, still waiting ! Called Wisconsin VA, called a politician, VSO called them. Now approved and still geting the runaround! Waiting since 1997! What does it take? Violence? I can understand suicides by veterans now. One friend gave up! I will keep fighting the BASTARDS!! i hope they do read these! Fuck um!

  57. I was approved for Service Connection for Agent Orange on Sept.,2014. With no rating! My Wisconsin Senators office was told I have to prove the connection between, Ischemic Heart, high blood, cornary artery disease, and high cholesterol, by National VA. DUH! I THINK THEY ARE ALL HEART AILMENTS!I did’nt throw polio in there, these are all heart ailments! VA is full of for Vietnam Veterans. First they sent me to the Minneapolis Veterans Hospital for an exam. They “service connected me”. Now they sent my case of 6 Ischemic Strokes and 1 Ischemic Heart attack to the National VA. There can’t be a connection between CAD, heart attack, stokes, hypertension, high blood pressure, AND high cholesterol. These are disease that Agent Orange are known to cause. I sure hope the VA hospital can connect them. My body sure can! They admit I was exposed to Agent Orange, ain’t that great, since 1996 claims filed.

  58. Now, just found out that Ischemic Strokes was approved as presumative disease, I had 4-5 in 1996. At 30% disabled currently, for heart attack in 2009.

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