Beware of Aid and Attendance Scams

Veteran’s Affairs may be able to help pay for your in–home care, assisted living or nursing home expenses through a benefit called Aid and Attendance.

Aid and Attendance is a benefit paid by the VA to veterans and their spouses.

A single veteran can qualify for up to $1644/mo, a surviving spouse may be eligible for $1055/mo. A married veteran qualifies for $1949/mo.

Additional benefits are available to Veterans who got sick after serving in Vietnam or who have any illness or disability that is service connected.  Benefits may be available now even if you have been denied benefits in the past.

Applying for VA benefits is often complicated and can take some time. The average wait for approval of Aid and Attendance is about 9 months. However, the benefits may be retroactive.

Watch out for SCAMS. There are many “Veteran’s Advisors” who scam elder veterans into to purchasing unnecessary Annuities that pay large commissions.   Sometimes annuities can make sense, but they are never the first choice when planning for VA Benefits.   These annuities can even ruin the applicant’s eligibility for other more valuable benefits.

Only an attorney accredited by the Department of Veteran’s Affairs, a Veteran’s Service Officer, or a County Veterans Service Office, can legally represent you before the VA; and to appeal your case above the BVA, an attorney must be admitted to the US Court of Appeals for Veteran’s Claims.



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  1. I have seen in my area that these annuity salesman will tell these families that they are part of non-profit organizations that help veterans and that they do not charge a thing to help the veteran qualify.

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