Ask VetsFirst Offers Claims Assistance to Veterans

For veterans waiting for benefits, VetsFirst, a division of the United Spinal Association, is now offering Ask VetsFirst, a free online help center designed to help veterans receive their benefits more quickly from the Department of Veterans Affairs.

Ask VetsFirst specializes in simplifying the claims process for VA benefits by connecting disabled veterans, as well as their spouses, dependents, and survivors, with national service officers. Site users enter their contact information and questions relating to healthcare, disability compensation, and other VA benefits, and can expect to receive a quick response by either phone or e-mail.

“Ask VetsFirst also educates veterans about new VA benefits they may not be aware of, such as compensation now available to many Vietname veterans that were exposed to Agent Orange and other herbicides who are presently living with Parkinson’s disease, ischemic heart disease, and chronic B cell leukemia. It also provides information on how to obtain such benefits,” stated Heather Ansley, the director of Veterans Policy at VetsFirst/ United Spinal Association.

Due to the large backlog in processing claims, many veterans are having to wait months to receive much needed benefits, and are contacting VetsFirst for help. Reforming the VA claims process has been a priority for VetsFirst, and they are taking action and continuing advocacy to ensure veterans receive the proper benefits when they need them.

VetsFirst has been a strong advocate for new benefits and reformation of current benefits, such as those included in the Veterans’ Benefit Act of 2010. The organization has strongly supported increases to the Veterans’ Mortgage Life Insurance program to provide families and dependents with the opportunity to keep their homes in the event of their disabled veteran’s death, and to increase the funding for the purchase of an adaptive automobile for disabled veterans. Other VetsFirst supported legislation has been for the purchasing of a vehicle and other adaptive equipment for veterans suffering from severe burn injuries.

VetsFirst will continue to advocate for veteran needs, and will continue to offer representation to veterans and their families. VetsFirst will also continue its tradition of serving veterans by providing legal representation to veterans whose claims were denied by the VA, and through broad-impact class action lawsuits.

5 thoughts on “Ask VetsFirst Offers Claims Assistance to Veterans”

  1. Charles S Carpenter

    I have been waiting to hear on a claim I put in last year some time and still haven’t heard anything. I may have even filled out the wrong form….I am not sure. I really need help. Could you please contact me at Thank you, Charlie

  2. Richard S. Bathurst

    I was working for a contractor of the U.S. Postal Service that lost their contract.
    Upon the loss of my job I applied for employment with Post Office and was denied
    as during a physical exam it was determined that I had an unbe- known heart condition.

    I contacted the VA and was determined service-connected for this condition my rating
    was set at combined 90 percent and I appealed after 7 years my claim has been
    sent back to the Regional Veterans Affairs Office to determine my employment ability.

    Can you assist me in speeding up this determination.


  3. If a veteran has a back condition and is service connected, then later it is proven that he has a cervical injury, as well as leg injury that are also service connected, will they be rated separately or combined with the back injury

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