9 Places to Find "The Paperwork"

Veterans know that nothing gets done with the VA without paperwork.  A lot of paperwork.  Sometimes getting that paperwork done can be frustrating because it is not always easy to find the forms or records that are needed.  These nine links should help with that.

VA Forms

If you know the number of your form, and it starts with VA, or you think there is a form for what you want, check here. There are number and title/keyword searches to help.  Two forms of significant interest are VA Form10-10EZ, which is the application for benefits, and VA Form 4107VHA, which is the statement of the veteran’s right to appeal a decision made by the VA.

Disability Examination Worksheets

Worksheets used by the VHA doctors who do the disability examinations. Also used by the ratings specialists, hearing officers and Decision Review Officers of the VBA who do the disability evaluations.

Electronic Code of Federal Regulations

Looking for a specific Federal Regulation to prove something?  Look here.

Military Service Records

Often a veteran needs to have a copy of his or her service record to show service connection for a disability or healthcare claim. You can request a copy of your military service records here.

VA Publications

If you have ever been told, “this policy is stated in publication XYZ, so I’m sorry, go away,” then you might like this bit of proof. All the VA publications. There are also links to Veterans Health Administration and Veterans Benefits Administration publications. These three, while they seem the same, are different entities.


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8 thoughts on “9 Places to Find "The Paperwork"”

  1. Cynthia Branch

    Even if you fill out the proper paperwork, and do it perfectly the first time, what the paperwork NEVER tells you is that a response from the VA in less than nine months is almost unheard of.

    Although I was advised to get my representatives in Washington on the case immediately, I did not do so – for my mom’s widow’s benefits – until 10 months later. We are only making progress now, because I contacted both of my Senators.

    DO IT! Get your Senators and Congressional Reps involved from the very beginning. They can cut through the BS a lot faster than normal people.

    It makes me sick that people who have fought for this country have to go through this. My father served in the Army, in the Philippines, during WWII. The disregard of his widow is shameful. Once her case is handled, I pledge to do whatever I can to help more recent veterans and their families.

    1. Cynthia is sadly correct. The VA response times are very long. Her suggestion to contact your Senators and Congressional Representatives is a very good one. We have heard many stories here at the blog of veterans who, when they finally got their congressmen/women involved, things got done much more quickly.

      1. That would depend on your Congressman. Unfortunately, I have a freshman Congressman. When I went to him with a complaint; asking for help, his office told me to go see the County VSO. If I wanted the help of a County VSO, I would’ve gone down the street to that office. These freshman don’t have a clue as to how to help us. On his website, he is advertising for Veterans to join his “Veteran Advisory Board”. I filled out my application and mailed it in yesterday. Maybe that’s a way to get some help. We’ll see. If I can do anything to educate this guy, I’ll do it.

  2. Mike Straw, Sr.

    Audrey, your article is outstanding. It put us in touch with the info alot of us veterans need to know. Thank you for writing this very informative piece.

    Thanks & Semper Fi
    Mike Straw
    USMC Ret

  3. Mike Straw, Sr.

    just another quite noe. The DAV is another great source to help with the claim process and also if necessary, an appeal.

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